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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 03/03/2023

Another fun packed week in Nursery.  Our text this week is the real favourite “Handa’s Surprise” Many of the children are very familiar with this story and were able to help to retell it.

We started off the week with a visit to the Scholastic book Fayre.  The children enjoyed being able to look at the books available to by and point out the ones that they know.  This was followed by a trip to the school Library to share books and stories together.  We chose some to bring back to Nursery to share throughout the week.  One of these was “Families, Families, Families” We read the story together several times and talked about the different types of family.

We have used fruit pictures to create ABAB repeating patterns, we have talked about and finger painted our favourite fruits – with a huge variety of ideas given.  This has been supported by the use of multi links and wooden blocks to create ABAB patterns.

The children helped to make lemon and orange play dough, which contains real lemon and orange juice and zest.  They talked about what the lemon smelt and tasted like, how we get the juice and zest from the fruit.  Other suggestions for fruity playdough included grape, strawberry and apple. 

During Unlocking Letters and Sounds time we have shared a range of picture books and used these to ask and answer questions about what is happening in the pictures.  These have included “Buying and Ice cream” “Doing the Dishes” and “Car Wash”

The role play area has become a greengrocer shop with all sorts of fruit being sold at some interesting prices!

The children had the opportunity to touch, smell and taste a variety of fruits this week.  This included mango, kiwi, plum and pineapple.   We have used milk bottles to make elephants and we now have a colourful elephant family to play with.

We used the whiteboard to draw pictures of our favourite fruit and then we counted how many people prefer each one.  The clear winner was grapes!  We used this as an opportunity to use a broad range of language – favourite, more and less and to count.  We were able to use this time to chat about if some foods, such as carrots and sausages are fruit or not.  We decided that it can be quite tricky to tell sometimes. 

We paid a visit to the woodland area to collect some more mud for the mud kitchen and to think about what kind of animals might like to live in the trees.  When we were there, we made patterns with leaves, stones, sticks and acorns.

We have created a Jungle themed display with monkeys hanging from the trees.  The monkeys have numbers on their tummies!

We were lucky enough to have some Ash Base children come to read to us on Friday morning as part of our World Book Day.  We also joined Oak Base for a parade around the playground to show our wonderful costumes. 

We had a session on jungle themed Cosmic Yoga – which involved a trip to the rainforest and encountering all sorts of animals.

Outside we have used the sand tray, large construction, tennis balls down guttering and mud kitchen, scooters and bikes.

Another busy week, with lots of fun experiences. We wonder what is in store for next week!