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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 28/04/2023

Our Key text this week is Oliver’s Vegetables, we have used this to take about similarities and differences between people, as well as to talk about different types of vegetables.

The children have used potatoes, carrots and onions to sort and put into groups of a given number, to match numeral to quantity and to talk about more and less.

We have transferred the herbs from their original pots into a planter in the garden, and we are remembering that we need to check on these and give them a drink each day.  The children have smelt the herbs and talked about what these smells remind them of.  We have also started to move our pepper plants to larger pots and are keeping a close eye on their progress.  The children have noticed the blossom developing on the apple tree, and we decided to take a photo each week to see its progress.  We might even be luck enough to get an apple!

Our phonic sessions this week have focused on listening skills.   The children sat in a circle in the garden in small groups and listened for a few minutes. We talked about the different sounds that we could hear – birds, trees blowing in the wind, children playing, a lawn mower and a fire engine were some of the many sounds that the children were able to identify.

We have practised cutting skills using different types of scissors to help us to create Union Jack bunting ready to decorate the Nursery next week.  We have also created a vegetable themed window display by cutting out and colouring in pictures of vegetables.  The children talked about which ones were there favourite.    

We have used the small adventure playground and school field several times throughout the week.  We have played ball games, had running races and practised moving like different mini beasts.

On Thursday afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a session with a storyteller in the school Library.  We were treated to some very funny interactive stories and even some nonsense rhymes with ukulele accompaniment.  

We have threaded large and small beads, created plants of different sizes using different resources, enjoyed acting out our story with small world and in the home corner and outside we have practised our gardening skills with buckets, spades, watering cans and flower pots. 

We have played ring games such as Hokey Cokey and Ring a Ring a Roses.   During our PE session we used the Cosmic Kids Mini beast session. 

We are looking forward to lots of Coronation themed activities next week.