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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 26/05/2023

Out text this week is “Growing Vegetable Soup”.  We have looked at our favourite vegetables – carrots were the most popular, the stages of growing vegetables from seeds – what do we need to do to help the seeds to grow? Our Unlocking Letters and Sounds game this week has been “What Sounds Can I Make?”  This focuses on “Fine tuning sound discrimination and rhythm with body percussion.”

As always wake and shake is a fun and energetic part of the Nursery day.  We use a range of resources for this including “Danny Go” and “Sticky Kids.” We have played musical statues to a range of music, used scarves to wave and musical instruments to join in with too. 

We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy water play outside in the sunshine.  We had water with bubbles, with balls to roll in, with buckets, funnels, cups and syringes/pipets to squirt with.  We have spent lots of time in the garden, weeding, watering, sweeping and making the garden look tidy for us all to enjoy, many of the children have loved these activities and are able to link these to the text of the week to discuss further.

Our Maths focus has been upon touch counting with accuracy and recognising that the last number counted is the total number in a group.  We have used the many opportunities that daily life offers us to support this.  For example, how many children are in Nursery today?  How many pieces of fruit do we have?  How many chairs are at the table and so on.  In addition, we have been separating a group of 3 or 4 objects in different ways, for example sorting bricks by colour, by size and by shape.  

We have rolled balls in paint to create a masterpiece with, printed in paint with vegetables, had cloud dough to explore (hair conditioner and cornflour), easels with paint, chalks on the ground. 

Happy Land continues to be a very popular choice of activity with so many different ideas acted out between the characters. 

We used the large waffle bricks to build with.  The children showed great communication and team work during this activity.

Our “School Ready” children enjoyed a PE session with Elliott on the school field.  We have practiced ball skills in small and large groups. This has included football, rolling a ball backwards and forwards and piggy in the middle, we have had running races and tried moving across the field going forwards, backward and sideways too.

We have made some wonderful creation with junk modelling.  These have included rockets, robots, cars, minibeast homes and castles.  The children have investigated different ways to attach the materials and decided that masking tape was the best method. 

On Friday afternoon we joined the whole school to enjoy a fire display on the school field.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful half term, whether that be in Nursery or at home.