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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 09/06/2023

Welcome to Summer 2!

We have had a very busy first week back in Nursery, with lots of exciting activities.  The text of the week has been “Each, Peach, Pear, Plum” We have used this story to practice observation skills – can you find the characters hiding in the illustrations?

Our number fun activities have been based around having a solid understanding of the concept of 5. Can you make a tower of 5, can you show 5 fingers? Ensuring that the children are not only able to be more precise about the order of numbers to 5, but also recognise that each counting number is one more than the one before.  We have used a wide range of resources and situations to practice these skills.  For instance, when lining up, if we have 4 people in the line and another friend joins, how many people are in the line now? We have used number puzzles, Lego, waffle bricks, pegs and friends to support this concept. 

Our Unlocking Letters and Sounds focus this week has been “Follow the Leader.”  We have been able to use the outside space for this learning.  We continue with a range of listening games too.  These include transport sounds and animal sounds.   

The children have been busy refreshing our “Fruits of the Spirt” display by creating some beautiful new fruits to be added to the tree.  These are directly related to the song which the children regularly listen to and join in with – even though it is very fast! Our Personal Development story this week has been “Marmalade. The Orange Panda” WE have used this to base discussions about similarities and differences between us, but that we are all special and all friends.

Outside, we have spent lots of time on the school field enjoying “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” running races and football amongst other games. 

We have begun to practice some new songs for our upcoming Graduation celebrations for the children moving up to school in September. We have been decorating folders to bring home all of the work that we have been busy creating during our time at Nursery.

We have enjoyed all sorts of water play including “Hook A Duck”, boats, cups and water wheels and pipets/syringes in water.  The children were fascinated to observe how the crayons at the easel melted in the sunshine and this provided a great opportunity to talk about hot and cold. 

We have enjoyed spending time making the garden look appealing, a very willing group made great efforts with weeding, watering plants and sweeping. 

We are looking forward to another busy week in Nursery next week.