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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 16/06/2023

The hot weather hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun in nursery.  We have played outside on the school field early in the morning in order to get plenty of fresh air before the heat arrives. We have enjoyed football, catch, Follow the Leader and had running races. 

Our key text has been “Alans Big Scary Teeth” We have used this to discuss being kind to others, dental hygiene and daily routines.  We have also shared the story “The selfish Crocodile” and “Topsy and Tim Go to The Dentist” to further these discussions.

The phonics focus this week has been “How many Syllables Do I Have? Taken from the Unlocking Letters and Sounds.  The children have practiced clapping out the syllables of their names in small groups. 

We have been looking at what we do before we come to Nursery and the order and routines of the day both at home and in Nursery.  For instance, when do we eat breakfast? When do we have a bath.  The children have extended this by discussing the fact that all families have different routines, for example some people brush teeth before a bath and others after. 

We have had plenty of drink breaks and have all been practicing pouring our own drinks from the water jug, and drinking from an open cup.  We have enjoyed homemade banana pancakes alongside fruit and vegetables in our snack café.

We have made banana bread – the children were able to take turns investigating the look, smell and feel of the ingredients, weighing out, pouring, mixing and of course tasting the results.

We have spent time in the woodland area, using the mud kitchen, den, see saw and stepping stones.  We have had boats, ducks and cups in the water tray, made delicious food in the mud kitchen and made some impressive structures with the waffle bricks. 

We continue to practice for our upcoming sports day. Pipets and syringes in water, pasta and tweezers/tongs, pegs and boards continue to be used to develop fine motor skills.

The preparations for Graduation for our school starters is well and truly underway.  We have some great songs to share.