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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Who's Who

Administration Staff

Mrs Long
Office Manager

Mrs Didcott
Office Administrator 

Mrs Godwin
Office Administrator 






Teaching Staff


Mrs Anstey
Executive Headteacher

Mrs Weir
Deputy Headteacher
Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Palmer
Year 2 Teacher (0.8)
Senior Leader / Base Lead

Mrs Prestage

Miss Matthew
Reception Teacher
Early Years / Base Lead Leadership Team

Miss Spencer
Reception Teacher

Miss Brown
Year 1 Teacher

Mr Dear
Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Doe
Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Putt
Year 3 Teacher (0.4)
Base Lead

Mrs Steel
Year 3 Teacher (0.6)
Base Lead

Mrs Brason
Year 2 Teacher (0.6)
Base Lead

Mr Clark
Year 3 Teacher

Miss Earley
Year 4 Teacher
Base Lead

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Boyle

Ms Kemish

Mrs Boreham

Mrs Cantle



Mrs Ford

Mrs Christopher

Mrs Smallbones

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Bleaney

Mrs Watkins

Mrs Bite

Miss Davis

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Proudfoot



Mrs Clein

Mrs Smart

Mrs Archer





Site Manager 

Mr Middleton
Site Manager

Mr Holloway